Club News

From the President - 19 Sep, 2020

The Committee trusts that all Members and their Families are doing ok in the current period of restrictions. Now some seven weeks in, it is difficult to see the other side at times.


Our staff continue to work throughout the current restrictions given that golf course maintenance is a defined ‘Permitted Industry’. Recent work has seen the completion of much needed drainage additions to the bottom of the ninth fairway. Given the recent rainfall the five new drainage lines have already shown positive results.


Return of Membership Fees to Members. Given the ongoing COVID19 interruptions to all golf the Committee has decided to return a portion of membership fees to financial seven and six day members. Life Members and Juniors excluded. The portion of fees to be returned will be as follows:

Civilian 7 day - $100

Civilian 6 day - $85

Defence 7 day - $85

Defence 6 day - $70

The return will be in the form of a ‘Golf Shop credit’ that may be used for the purchase of golf shop goods or motorised cart hire. Credits will soon appear in your OneGolf account under the PRIZES tab.  If you are a SEASON PASS holder (social golfers), you will have your expiry date adjusted.  Please see Danny for further info.


AGM Matters - Notice of Meeting: A reminder to all seven and six day members to review the Notice of Meeting and other AGM related information placed on the Club website Friday 4 September (scroll down). While it is hoped the AGM can occur between Friday 25 September and Friday 30 October, given the ongoing COVID19 environment and current expectations, it is probably more realistic that the AGM will be staged in November at the earliest.


Positions on Committee: Members are asked to consider their availability for service on the Committee. The Club is looking for someone to fulfill the role of Handicapper. This is an important role for the Club to fill and plenty of assistance will be provided during the settling in period for any member who is willing to accept the role. Inquiries in the first instance should be directed to the Club Captain Dave Hilet.


OneGolf: Just a further advertisement that our manager Danny is available to assist anyone that may require additional help with use and understanding of OneGolf. Please call Danny direct.


For the information of Members and Patrons the following was recent advice from Golf Australia.


“On Sunday September 6th, the Victorian Government announced an extension to the existing Stage 4 lockdown in Metropolitan Melbourne. The announcement by the Premier of the ‘road map’, by which we will come out of the restrictions, particularly where it pertains to Metropolitan Melbourne, is a significant blow to the golf industry which had hoped to see a return to play sooner rather than later. Unfortunately, at this time it is likely that golf clubs and facilities in Metropolitan Melbourne must remain closed until the ‘Third Step’ which is scheduled for October 26, 2020 being subject to trigger points and public health advice. Golf Australia has been, and will continue to advocate to the Victorian Government for the playing of club competitions, use of practice facilities and use of hire equipment”.

Hopefully we are closer than not – to a return to golf.

From All Committee - Stay Well and Stay Safe

Steve Wright

President CGC




From the President - 4 Sep, 2020


The Committee hopes that all Members and their families are travelling well during these COVID19 restrictions. It is no doubt a very frustrating period for everyone particularly as we are approaching the end of the advertised six week lock-down with no hint as yet whether we will continue in lock-down or come out of it to some degree.


This environment is very difficult for Committee too as we attempt to continue business and to estimate what may occur down the track. That is why Committee has taken the decision to commence the process leading to the staging of this year’s Annual General Meeting.



More detailed information will follow over the next few weeks as Government and Department of Health directions are promulgated.


Committee’s intent is to have as many Members present at the Club as permitted for the AGM, with the remainder of Members connected to the meeting via ZOOM. Members are encouraged to explore their own ability to connect via ZOOM so they are fully prepared.


As said more information will follow in due course and this will eventually include ‘the actual date of the AGM’, and the ZOOM connection link for the meeting.


For those who have not been able to visit the course during daily exercise, such as I saw Norm Viccum yesterday, the facility is in very good nick heading into spring time. Pat, Dave, Danny and Broad Spectrum staff have been out this week mowing up a storm. The greens look spectacular and full of growth. Much of the wetness a month ago has now begun to dry.


Looking forward to our return whenever that may be! Take Care and Stay Well.

Steve Wright

President CGC




Notice of Meeting


Cerberus Golf Club Members are advised that the 2020 Annual General Meeting will be held after Friday 25 September 2020. Committee is planning for the meeting to be staged on a Friday evening beginning at 6.00 pm between Friday 25 September and Friday 30 October 2020. The final date will be determined and announced pending ongoing changes in Victorian COVID19 restrictions.

The AGM will be held at the Club with Members present as permitted under COVID19 restrictions in force at the time. Members not able to be present personally are encouraged to attend remotely via ZOOM. Members should confirm their own ability to connect via ZOOM.

The purpose of holding the AGM is to conform with the requirements as an Incorporated Association (CGC) under the terms of the Department of Consumer Affairs Victoria.  The ordinary business of the AGM will be to:


(1)            Confirm the Minutes of the 2019 Annual General Meeting;

(2)            Receive Committee reports from the President, Captain and Treasurer regarding Club operations during the previous Financial Year;

(3)            Elect Officers of the Club and General Committee Members for the year 2020/2021; and

(4)            To process/discuss any business, including Notice of Motions, that are placed on the agenda by Members a minimum of 21 days prior to the AGM.


Committee Nominations

Nominations for all Committee positions (except that of the President) are requested from Members to reach the Club by Friday 25 September. Nominations should be forwarded to the Club email: Nominations are to contain the name of the nominee; the position nominated; the names of the Proposer and a Seconder.  It should be noted that Seven and Six Day Members may be nominated.


The following positions are available:

Captain; Vice-Captain; Secretary; Treasurer; Handicapper, Social Secretary and up to eight general Committee.



A Notice of Motion to amend the Club Rules of Incorporation is placed before Members.

The Club Rules of Incorporation with proposed amendments highlighted is available by following the link below.

CLICK HERE to view a copy of proposed NEW Club Rules of Incorporation

Members are requested to review the document and to provide a VOTE YES – to accept the changes as presented or VOTE NO not to accept the proposed changes.

Voting: Members in attendance on the day will be able to record their vote at the AGM.  However, those Members attending remotely via ZOOM will be required to lodge their written votes at the Club personally prior to the AGM. Members attending via ZOOM will also need to register their preferred Email Address with the Club prior to the event in order to gain connection.



CLICK HERE for Minutes of last year’s AGM

CLICK HERE for Financial Report for FY 2019/2020


Members are not required to register votes at this early stage, as additional information and guidance about the AGM will be provided in the days ahead.

Please note that any AGM related emails from Members to the Club should include AGM in the subject heading to aid capture.


Steve Wright