Membership Application Form, Click Here

New members are welcome at Cerberus and we provide a host of options to suit your golfing needs. 

Here are just a few benefits of joining the club:
  • Obtain an official GOLF Link handicap, recognised Australia wide
  • Compete in weekly club competitions and Honour Board competitions
  • The chance to represent the club against others in team pennant competitions
  • If you are of senior age, join the Mornington Peninsula Veterans Association
  • Full use of our practise facilities
  • Member discounts on motorised carts and bar purchases

   Full 7 Day Membership
   (subject to availability, contact Manager)
   $595 per year
           Serving Defence 7 Day Membership            
  $525 per year


6 Day Membership
$525 per year
Serving Defence 6 Day Membership
$475 per year


Junior U/18 yrs Membership
$125 per year
Absentee Membership
$315 per year


Season Pass Application Form, Click Here

only $465 per year

What is a Season Pass?

Our Season Pass gives golfers unlimited access to the course for 12 months outside of competition play.  Season Pass holders can play as much social golf as they like.  The difference between a Season Pass and the above Membership options is that you cannot obtain a GOLF Link handicap and you cannot play in competitions.  In other words, if you just enjoy social golf and are not fussed about playing in a competitive environment, this option is the perfect alternative to full membership.  And it gets even better, the rate is considerably lower, as there is No affiliation fees built into the price.

“The perfect alternative for the social golfer”